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Over the years education has become a right to almost all people. In many instances though people are prevented from receiving a proper education. All over the world people struggle to get to school for many different reasons. Some of the reasons are people are treated differently because of their gender, race or religion. Often women are prevented from receiving a proper education because they have been told to stay at home and do chores or watch children.

Here are the top 6 reasons why girls might be prevented from going to school. The cost of supplies, uniforms and transportation is too much. So families choose to send the boys instead. Second the distance, some schools can be anywhere from a four to five hour walk away. Violence can be distributed on the walk. Third violence is at school. Sometimes the school isn't safe for girls so parents pull them out. Fourth is gender normality. Girls are asked to do chores at home and may not have the time to participate in school. Household contributions may be more important to them. Fifth poverty and health their health might not be well enough because of poverty (not enough food and dirty water). Sixth early marriage and pregnancy. Sometimes girls are forced to marry young and pull out of school. Girls who are pregnant are not encouraged to go to school.

In parts of Africa children of colour are packed into buses “like sardines” and driven about 30 km away to schools. Instead of being properly bussed to school. This is sometimes because they don't have the resource of a school bus. In other places kids are having to walk for hours just to get to school.

A new study shows that 400 12 year old African kids were asked what is 7X17 in their language, and about 130 kids got it right. The same question was asked to the same kids in English. Nobody answered the questions correctly. This shows that if kids aren't taught in their own language it's very difficult for them to learn.

Here is a video to put in perspective the power that education can give women.

In Guatemala by age 15 six out of ten indigenous girls are out of school. By age 18 around 40% of Mayan girls are married. Around 80% of non indigenous girls are married at the same age. Close to 2 million children in Guatemala do not attend school. Most of them are girls living in rural places. Globally around 62 million girls aren't in school. Close to 2 million children in Guatemala do not attend school. Most of these are girls living in rural places. Globally around 62 million girls aren't in school.

The girl effect is a foundation that's purpose is to "create a new normal with and for girls". This foundation helps girls all over the world to get a proper education, and tries to show people how important it is for people to have a proper education. They work with girls around the world to create a place where girls can escape poverty and be able to be properly educated.

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