Losing someone you love HOW TO HANDLE THE HURTING

Loosing someone close to you can make you feel scared, alone or like you're trapped in a scary maze.

Things may seem too much to handle now, but I'm going to try and help you out. You may have spoken to some adults since your loss, that have scared you with complicated words and told you what you must do, when and where.

Grief, which is what we call it when someone's trying to deal with a loss, is different for every person. No one can tell you what to do , and I'm just here to give you a little helping hand to find a way through this confusing maze.

Before starting your journey

Just like an explorer, when you find out you're about to go on your quest, you'll need to pack some important items to keep you going. These can include;

  • Somebody to talk to incase you get frightened in the maze and need some advice.
  • Food to keep up your strength, because eating enough is important when you're walking through the maze.
  • A sleeping bag because you'll end up feeling worse if you're tired.
  • Bring your music player, or favourite book to give your mood a little boost if you need it.


Pretending the loss hasn't happened might make you feel better because you don't have to think about it. You may be pretending they're just on holiday. Here are some tips on what to do straight after the loss;

  • Rest is important. Take time to do only what is important, and everything else can wait. Ask your friends and family for help. Ask an adult to talk to your teacher, they will be very understanding.
  • Share your feelings. Talk about stories or memories you have with your loved one. I've found that talking to someone you trust is a big help.
  • Sometime things can happen very quickly and it can be easy to forget to do basic tasks like shower and eat. Try to remember these things as they'll make you feel more ready to tackle big feelings.

This is what we call the denial stage.

Fire can damage, and so can bad thoughts

Being angry through all of this is very normal, and sometimes you may find yourself shouting at your family for no reason or wanting to strike out break things in a temper. Although this is normal, it can be harmful, as it can push away the people trying to look after you and you could get injured if you're trying to break things.


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