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You will have access to all Adobe tools. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Not ready for the "adulting" world? Don't worry we prepare you in all relevant ways before "adulting" becomes necessary. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
You will learn how to work with real-world clients, and what it takes to so best by them. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Interested in film? You have the perfect backdrop to create a film of your own. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
You are more than just a number, and the faculty in this program understand that more than anyone. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
You will have access to the latest technology in the classroom. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Become used to speaking to other professionals. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Learn, not only by watching but actually doing! #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
You will not be limited to one right answer. We will put a limit on your creativity. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Learn from a multiple time nominated audio professor! #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept


The most picturesque backdrop for any film student. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Gain real-world experience for when you have no other option than being an adult. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
You will have access to the best cutting edge technology. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
We do not put limits on your imagination, there is no one right answer. Here your creativity is limitless. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Learn, not only by watching but actually doing! #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
You will work with professional clients to prepare you for the real-world. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Learn from a Grammy award winning audio professor. #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Here, the faculty care about you and not just your work.#ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
The Media and Communication Department has recently partnered with Adobe, and you will have access to those great programs too! #ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept
Really learn how to communicate in the professional world.#ETSUMediaAndCommunicationDept


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