Poseidon's Waves Of Rage By: Colby, kate, and cady

Every so often Poseidon got angry and sent out raging waters towards the mortals and they called them hurricanes. Poseidon had several children but one named Basil was becoming fed up with his father's actions. However, Basil did not live on mount Olympus with his father for he was only a demigod and lived with his mortal mother.

Mount Olyimpus

One day Poseidon got so angry with Zeus for mocking his legacy that he sent out an ongoing hurricane that destroyed mortals homes and reeked havoc on them and their families

So Basil decided to make his father aware of what he was doing. He was going to go and find his father on mount Olympus so he could stop this monster hurricane he has put the mortals through. Though Basil had this mindset he didn’t know how to get to mount Olympus because he was only a mortal demigod who had never been to mount Olympus or seen his father ever in his lifetime. But what Basil did know was that he wouldn’t be welcome on mount Olympus. When he Basil was born, his mother ran away with him to hide, and his father swore to the other gods that “Basil and his mother could never walk the grounds of mount Olympus.”

However, Basil could dress and pose as one of his father's brothers, Zeus, and be welcome by all of the gods and goddess on mount Olympus. He knew it would be hard to trick them into thinking that he was Zeus but he was going to try anyway because people's lives depended on it

It was a very hard and treacherous journey to get there but he made his way to the top of mount Olympus, and when he got there, he just walked right in. No questions asked, it was as if he had been there his whole life even though he had never been there even once.

But what he didn’t realize is that Zeus was who his father was mad at. Basil walked in and demanded he speak to Poseidon. When he got to Poseidon he realized Zeus was the one he was mad at and and already regretted choosing to pose as Zeus.

His father took one glance and stood up high thinking that Basil was his brother, but Basil stopped him and told him “Father, it’s me Basil, i have terrible news” His father asked, “How dare you walk on my grounds!” Basil then continued “your anger is causing the lives of many mortals, heroes, and demigods like myself. You have to stop this!”

Poseidon decided to take a moment and listen to what the boy had to say. This news was devastating for Poseidon for he had many children who were not living on mount Olympus.

Even though Poseidon still gets angry he made sure that the only hurricanes that occur from time to time, would never be as bad as the one he put the mortals through. He now knew not to let his anger get the best of him and swore it would never happen again.

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