Town of Morgan By: Adrianna jarosz

The people on The Who help make Morgan a better place.

The 4 issues going on in Morgan are, Fire station wanting people to reduce there drive ways, ATC permit issues fee for roads repair, New resident living, and redoing Roads.

New resident living is the issue I'm going to focus on. The town of Morgan can not decide if they wanna cut down public hunting land turn it into living area or keep the hunting land. This has been the topic at all the meetings. I feel as a resident in the town of Morgan, they should keep the hunting land, because people from far away come and hunt here. So now you are taking away there hunting areas. You are taking their place to go each year. So no I don't think they should go through with it.

The town hall. 3276 County Road C Oconto Falls, WI 54154.
The little red dot is the town of Morgan.
Created By
Adrianna Jarosz

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