What is the Ranger Corps

What is the Camp Shenandoah Ranger Corps?

At the very outset, a cooperative and close relationship must exist between all Ranger Corps and the camp ranger. The camp ranger is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and proper use of all camp facilities; any support he can receive in this endeavor is welcome. The precise relationship between the Ranger Corps and the camp ranger should be stated in writing by the Scout executive, director of camping, or other person designated.

The Ranger Corps is a group of selected, trained, and registered Scouters who serve at Camp Shenandoah. The group is organized under the leadership of the council Properties Committee and the Camp Ranger.

Volunteers serving in the Ranger Corps can be adults who love being in camp to assist the many service projects. Members are selected on their ability in several areas: outdoor skills, specialized knowledge of nature, conservation, plumbing, as well as electricity, contracting, mechanics, painting or carpentry.

Ranger Corps members work with the Camp Ranger on specific projects, as well as assist in coordinating Beaver Days each Spring and Autumn.

Please contact Ranger Bill Hunter to discuss how you can join Camp Shenandoah’s best friend: the Ranger Corps.

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