Get Your Business Online Today in 6 Easy Steps (and it's free, mostly)

Six Steps to Take Your Business Online Now!

1. Buy Your Domain

It is essential that you own your domain. Think of this as digital real estate. You must own your land to build your business on it; the same is true on the web.

Go Daddy and WIX are commonly used sites for purchasing domains.

2. Get the Rest of Your Digital Real Estate

This includes email addresses, social media accounts, and business review pages. This is not to encourage you to be omnipresent; nobody needs you to be everywhere. But organizations do not own their domains because they did not recognize the importance of holding it until it was too late.

3. Create Your Website

This is how others around the world can see what you are selling. Put your best foot forward.

I know sometimes we picture The Matrix, but I am no Neo, and I have created many profitable, drag-and-drop websites, and so can you. Pick your provider, pick your template, and start filling it in. It really is that simple. Most website building sites also give you a trial period, so your first 30 days are often free. Take advantage of that opportunity!

4. Pick TWO Avenues

Agreed, we did talk about the importance of owning all of your digital real estate, but you do not have to be operating all of it. To start, we suggest picking two methods to connect to customers. These avenues could be your website and your Instagram account, or maybe it is a Blog and Pinterest account, either way, do not get bogged down trying to run everything, you have a business to run after all. Be sure your two verticals are appealing to your customers, so you can reach them.

5. Identify and Appeal to Your Target Market

This seems obvious, but many people feel as though they do not even know where to start. How about what you already know? Review your past sales, who buy your product? When do they buy it? Think about everything that gets someone through your door and consider how you could welcome them to your new digital location.

6. Keep Them Interested with Content

Having enticing and engaging content is the key to keeping people looking around on your site. Depending on what your use case is for your website, you might change the way you deliver content. For example, a food prep business might add a weekly recipe to their Blog. A business consultant might post a monthly review of their industry. A fitness instructor might post lots of Instagram Live videos demonstrating various exercises. Everyone is creating their own types of content. So be sure your content appeals to your audience as this is the key to getting them engaged with your website.

7.Connect and Measure

Connect the Elements

It is essential to connect all of your digital assets, whenever possible, so you can learn from the analytics these platforms provide. For example, if Instagram determines that 80% of your customer base is women, then you know to create content that appeals to women.

Analyze The Information

Could you imagine taking your paperwork to your accountant and never asking for the results of your taxes? Or going to the doctor, getting extensive testing done, and never having anyone check the results? Millions of entrepreneurs do something similar to these examples every day by not looking into the provided data through the platforms they use. This analysis is becoming more user-friendly; therefore, not using this information to improve your business outcomes seems irresponsible.

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