QFT in Math Oxnard high school

Ottie Halstead- Math Teacher, Jennifer Brickey-Teacher Librarian

Question Formulation Technique, or QFT, is a way of getting students to be able to ask their own questions for inquiry.

Students started by watching a short video on sugar consumption in food and beverages. They were to take notes on what they saw.

Students watching video on sugar consumption.
Students watch the video and took notes.

The teachers then went over the rules for producing questions. Students were asked to discuss the rules with their groups and talk about what might be important and what might be difficult to follow. Students shared with the class what they discussed.

Rules for Producing Questions

  • Ask as many questions as you can
  • Do not stop to discuss, judge, or answer the questions
  • Write down every question exactly as it is stated
  • Change any statement into a question

Groups then began to brainstorm questions. They were given 5 minutes to come up with as many questions as they could. A recorder wrote down every question as stated.

When the 5 minutes were up, they talked about the different types of questions. They were then asked to label each question as an open-ended or close-ended question. They were asked to change one open-ended to a close-ended and a close-ended to an open-ended.

Groups were then asked to prioritize their questions. They looked at the questions that they had and had to choose which ones they thought were most important or most relevant. The labeled their top 3 questions.

Finally, groups went in front of the class to share their posters. They first gave their examples of questions that they changed from open to closed and vice versa. Then they shared their top 3 questions and why they selected those.

Resources are available through the Right Question Institute

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