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Fan Engagement

You Can Monetize

Cya.Live is the world’s first multi-way live events platform for virtual engagement with large audiences. Fans and influencers can watch movies, musical performances, stand up comedy, podcasts, and more, together in real time, while interacting through video and text.

For independent entertainers, it’s a powerful way to create new followers and engage their fans. For filmmakers, it’s a unique and secure way to present their movie premieres and to do Q&A interviews with their audiences.

LEN is a media production and distribution company that offers multiple ways for entertainment companies and businesses to distribute or create content for the masses and have the ability to monetize. Using the latest in technology, productions can interact with their audiences and take advantage of multiple choices to distribute and monetize.

Multiple distribution outlets

Entertainment has changed. From TV to the internet. Things like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch and even Facebook have permitted you to reach audiences live, a variety of limitations can stop you from having absolute control of:

  • Monetization
  • Multicamera productions (without investing in equipment)
  • Multiple guests
  • Presenting films with audience interaction
  • Multiple forms of sponsorships
  • Branding
  • Moderation
  • In some cases algorithms that choose who gets to see your content
  • Audience member on camera participation


Film makers

Independent film makers can take advantage of CYA.LIVE by presenting their films as a launch platform. A one time showing premiering their work. Market to your audience, monetize and engage your fans.

After the film, directors, actors can be live with their fans and engage in a Q&A that is moderated and even invite fans on camera to create a memerable interaction.

Film Festivals Live Online
Movie Premiere with Host and Guests

Music Performances

Music performers can have small or large venue concert live on CYA. Between sets, opportunities to engage with your online audiences creates a powerful and emotional attachment to your fans. Making them want to return for more and even purchase merchandise during the broadcast.

Music Festivals Live
Live Music Performances
Off Broadway Live

Plays, Podcasts, Film Festivals,Training, Webinars, Celebrity Interviews, Contests

The capabilities of the platform permit for main content to be either prerecorded or live. It opens the opportunity to create all sorts of content for an online experience, due to the interactivity where you can answer questions from the audience live. You can even bring in guests from the audience to talk to your talent.

Stand-Up Comedy
Browser Experience


Reaching interaction where the audience is

With mobile and browser access, you content will reach your audience and have full interaction on iOS and Android.


LEN is offering content creators the opportunity to create an interactive online distribution experience. The ability to engage with their fan base and present value to their community while being able to monetize. Contact Carlos Phoenix (carlos@livestreamingmaster.com) of LEN to learn more and how we can setup your show idea, pre-sell tickets and all your talent can be in the comfort of their own home while being a part of the show.


Concert promoters, Stand up comedians, Podcasts, Musicians, Schools, Businesses, TV Shows, Talent competitions, Movie premiers, and more.

Schedule some time to explore the possibilities, monetization, replay, and value to your audience.

Created By
Carlos Phoenix Jimenez


Created with images by RyanMcGuire - "musician rockstar band" • PublicDomainPictures - "cinema entertainment audience" • Matty Adame - "untitled image" • smaus - "usa new york city nyc" • Vinicius Amano - "untitled image" LEN Offers services for CYA to create interactive and engaging monetized content.

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