Domino Pizza BY: faisal, chloe, joaquine

To figure out

To figure out the price of the toppings I subtracted 16.95 by 13.97. We got 2.98, since the second pizza had two more toppings, I divided 2.98 by 2. Then we figured out that each topping is 1.49, after that we subtracted the amount of toppings from each pizza, to find the base.

Topping = 1.49

Base = 10.99

We chose a medium pizza with extra cheese, pepperoni, and bell pepper as our favorite pizza. The base would be 10.99, plus 3 more toppings with would be, 1.49 x 3. Combining the toppings would be 10.99 + 4.47, and all together its 15.46.

Equation for toppings = 10.99 + 1.49t

Medium Pizza

No, because the base price will always stay the same, even if you double the toppings. So putting the whole price together, the price would not be twice as much, but around it.

For the small pizza we subtracted 9.99 from 11.99, and we got 2. From there we divided 2 by 2 since that's how many more toppings there were. We got 1 from that, which we subtracted from 9.99, which was 8.99. Meaning that the toppings were 1 each and the base was 8.99.

Equation; 8.99+ 1t

In order to figure out the price of the topping and base for the large pizza we did the same thing as the small. Except this time we subtracted 14.68 from 19.75, which was 5.07. Then we divided that by 3, and got 1.69, which was the topping price. We subtracted 1.69 from 14.68 to get the base which was, 12.99.

Equation; 12.99+ 1.69t

Highest cost price per topping is the large pizza, with the price of 1.49 per topping. This is most likely because the base is the largest meaning the toppings were more in quantity to cover the base.

Lowest base price is the small pizza, because it uses the least ingredients.

We would choose the medium pizza because it is a good size, and in the middle for pricing. Or a large pizza because it is similar in price with the medium pizza, but you are getting much more.

11 toppings would be 19.99 for a small pizza.

6 toppings would be 19.93 for a medium pizza.

4 toppings would be 19.75 for a large pizza.

These were the closest prices to 20 dollars, with out passing the limit.

All the prices rise up until 4 toppings, which are a constant price for every pizza. Each pizza being only a few dollars a part after the change in pricing. Domino's probably does this because they have pretend that they are having a sale, where in reality it is the price that it should be, and they are actually over pricing. If they state that there is a sale, then more


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