Jonathan's artwork Per.1

I decided to convert a photo of a flower, to a painting. I really like how it turned out because it looks like a simple painting of a flower.
This is my surrealism work and I was inspired to make an alternative universe of dogs. I wanted it to be funny so I created like a vacation are for dogs.
I really like doing the comic book design because of how I was able to use the gradient tool as the background.I really like how I painted in each character and made it look like a comic book.
I chose patrick because I thought it would be a funny cartoon to do. The outline of the patrick took me a while but after a few days I got the hang of it and it became easier.
The limo/ van I really like doing because of how we are able edit the shape of the limo and put design on it, like fire. I used warm colors like red and yellow to contrast with the cool color of purple.
I wanted to create a comedic picture with photoshop. I really respected Harambe and he will live on forever.
For this courthouse, I created a somewhat realistic image by creating a dark foreground with a lighter background. I like how I was able to change it from day to night and also adding the fireworks in the background.
This was a very tough project and it required a lot of time and patience. I needed to use tools such as the clone stamp tool. It was a difficult time removing the damages on the photo with the red stripe
The haunted house was one of my favorite project to create because how I was able to make it spooky with smoke and rain. I used the dissolve filter on the witch to try to make it appear she was far.

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