UI Design

Welcoming the autumn required new art-work that suits the season. Enjoy the celebration at Riga.

A lot must change when you enter a new season

I would challenge you to a race to finish line with a hot air balloon. This summer welcomes a whole new summer festival and activities. Make sure your burners don't go out.

Give your device an intriguing look with this wall paper design. # Nature at it's organic best.

Grab a BITE! Healthy food menus at 'The Meal' restaurant. Low in calories and cholesterol, cooked in virgin olive oil and slightly grilled vegetables and natural beef from lamb.

The best of meals has now been served to you. Bon appetite.

Let's get serious and be innovative. A week of science, design and innovation. Guests speakers from four universities around the world and student entrepreneurs who know what is means to be in innovative business and study at the same time.

The future is here.

How much MEGABYTES do you consume in a month on internet connection? A group of intellectuals have much to say about the future of internet and networking technologies that can improve your communication options if applied accurately.


Henry M. is the 'mech-engineer' you need to build you that future resilient engine you need to run those miles. Mechanical Engineering Desk is coming soon.

Music Album Art

Instrumental and lyrics make up a song. Music album by Haden Dodson, music album cover designed by me.

Hannah is at it again! Album lunch of Hannah D. Jones new album "THOUGHTS OF YESTERDAY". Only the best of Hannah all compiled in one dashing album.


Flyer design for corporate financial organization.

Form for a bank

Package Design

Logo Designs

I have always believed that creativity has to be a passion and not just a job only then will you be artistic and creative in all endeavors. - F.Osiobor


I will always give you the best. -F. Osiobor
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