Judy Garland Tiyionna Irizarry



Judy Garland was a singer, actress, and dancer. She was born in Grand and Rapids, Minnesota and died on June 22,1969.

Although Judy looked happy, on the outside she wasn't. She was betrayed as having no problems, but she had many. In one of her acting scenes, the director stopped the scene and complained about her weight and if she didn't lose the weight that she gained she would be suspended and would not get paid for the acts that she already did. She became very depressed and worried about the situation. To solve the problem she took Benzedrine and phenobarbital for her appetepite and weight. These medicines were not considered drugs at the time and people didn't know the addiction they had on people or the mental/physical side effects. This took a great toll on Judy.

Courageous Act

This had a huge impact on Judy's life and family. Judy ended up divorcing her husband and the people around her saw her changing as a person.

Judy Garland faced a lot of things including making her wish come true of being an actor but sadly, she didn't face this one. She also tried to help the situation by going to her psychiatrist. Although she tried to do all these things to get help, the situation kept getting worse because she didn't know how to handle it. It was very hard to bear, but she did change other people's lives by influencing them to follow their dreams.

She tried to change what became a big problem, but it was too late. In her mid-thirties, she had to be hospitalized and her health problems by drugs became critical. This geared her apart mentally and physically. She bacame depressed and sorrowful because of the addictions and six days after her performance, she died from a drug overdose in her London hotel room.


This information has inspired me in many ways. Even though Judy Garland dealt with many struggles, she followed her dreams. Her story inspired me to not care what people think and to not let anything take away my dream(s).

This information has inspired me to care only about the important things in life and not care too much about what somebody said to you the other day or how somebody hurt you by words. You should not care about what anyone should think and only apcare about what really matters to you and positivity.

I learned not follow my dreams and not let anybody influence to change me in any other way unless I want to change myself.

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