Charm: Barbethina is the most charming hero someone will ever encounter! She can charm anyone that looks her in the eye.

Mind control: Barbethina can control anyone and any thing's mind, that she knows of.... Nobody has any choice in what they do or say around Barbethina.

Healing: Barbethina has more healing powers than any nurse, doctor, or surgeon.


Sales: Barbethina can't say no to any sale while shopping.......

Barbethina values respectful employees and a good pair of jeans!! She is respectful to anyone that respects her.

🌻Please high and almighty muse give the power to myself to write this story with knowledge and skill.🌻 Barbethina needed some new summer clothes so she decided to go to the mall. As she walks into her favorite store she notices something.... a sale. Barbethina thinks to herself "NO MY WEAKNESS" . The jean shorts are on sale buy one get one free. These are her favorite type of shorts.. she wants to buy at least 10 pairs. Barbethina does love a good pair of jean shorts. Barbie gathers all her shorts and goes to the counter to check out. As the cashier rings up all the shorts Barbie notices the price is pretty high for a buy one get one deal... The cashier tells Barbethina that the sale has a cut off after more than 4 pairs. Barbethina has to think of a way sat to get these shorts. 🌹The cashier is a boy smooth-thinking Barbethina notices🌹... Barbethina quickly puts on her game face and tries to charm the boy into letting her get all of the shorts.🌺 Barbethina thought she was charming this boy as sly as a fox sneaking up on its prey.🌺 Another cashier notices this and tries to intervene by ringing up Barbethina instead. Little does THIS cashier know that Barbethina can control her mind and get whatever she pleases, all they have to do is look Barbethina in the eyes. This isn't a hard task because she is so beautiful. THE CASHIER HAS DONE IT , SHE HAS LOOKED HER IN THE EYES. Barbethina can feel her success but then all of a sudden it stops. Barbethina realizes that her strength of mind control only works on employees that aren't rude... and that 💐this cashier has a mind ready to pounce.💐 The cashier zaps Barbethina with her own stare and Barbethina falls to the floor. Barbethina does have her healing powers though. Which she uses to get herself up and heal her vision. Little does the cashier know that when she zapped Barbethina with her stare Barbethina had her pinky finger wrapped around the drawstring of the bags of clothes. Barbethina gets up and darts for the door before the cashier knows what hit her!! Barbethina won't be defeated when it comes to a sale and her favorite pair of jean shorts.



🌺epic simile🌺


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