"Wicker Blanket really jumped out to me because of the tasty sonic palette. The interesting production really takes you away, it’s both modern and fresh but it also feels sentimental and relaxing." - Gemma Bradley, BBC

"Tinged with atmospheric electronic sounds [...] Crisp production and a clever use of autotune rival the better part of The 1975's discography" - Hot Press Magazine

"Honas brings together pointed yet light-hearted lyricism with bubbly, energetic pop in such endearing fashion, it’s difficult to not feel uplifted while listening." - GIG GOER (On Cash Machine)

"Delicate vocal delivery that soars effortlessly over the chilled-out production. Infectious melodies beautifully wrap the smooth and dreamy vocals and create such an intimate and laid-back atmosphere." - Caesar Live N Loud

With three releases now under Honas' belt, he has enjoyed radio coverage on BBC Northern Ireland and various regional stations in Ireland. He has amassed over 800,000 total streams on Spotify, with debut single 'Wicker Blanket' landing on Spotify's Fresh Finds, and 2nd single 'Control' finding itself on Chilled Lounge - an editorial playlist with over 1M followers, and his latest single, 'Cash Machine' landing on Chilled Pop Hits.

'Cash Machine' was released on July 10th. A more upbeat offering this time, with pulsating synth bass, muted guitars, and a joyful chorus of voices, "Kill another hour, kill another day". Barry Gruff (music blogger) describes Cash Machine as a "Lush, hazy and melodic slice of infectious electro-pop; hushed heartfelt vocals purr with melody above a gushing sea of synth and glistening electronics".

"Cash Machine was written in the first year or two after finishing college. I found myself in that situation where I was doing bits of work that were essential for me to afford to live in Dublin, but ultimately none of them were what I wanted to do, they weren’t making me feel fulfilled. The jobs were energy-sapping, and made it very difficult to find motivation to do what I love, which is writing and producing music.

I started to see time flying by, with all my goals and intentions almost becoming a joke, just meaningless words that I got sick of saying to myself. You can get so far from where you want to be that you don’t even know where to start to get back there. And it’s weird, sometimes you can start seeing an almost funny side to how ridiculous that situation is." - Honas

Having written, recorded and toured with indie-outfit Orchid Collective, Honas is no stranger to Ireland's music scene. With them he has played every major festival in the country and received considerable radio play nationwide. The intention was always to release his own music, but until now, the timing was never right. After several years of collaborating with other writers and artists, exploring different sounds, writing and ditching countless songs, something eventually clicked after starting to work with producer Adam Redmond (Search Party Animal). This collaboration saw Honas' songs taking on a new and exciting shape, and suddenly it was time to let the world hear them.