Problematic Parenting Mallory fortenbaugh

Children should never have to be scared of the adults in their lives or fear that they will be harmed by them in any way, whether it be physically or verbally

Often times, parents resort to some type of abuse as a form of punishment for their child, however, children should be able to trust that the adults in their lives will protect them and keep them safe.

Parenting classes can teach adults appropriate ways to discipline their child while still maintaining a loving and healthy relationship.

By being informed on alternate options to discipline, the risk of a parent abusing their child will be lowered.

Requiring students to take a parenting class before they graduate high school will help to prevent the problem of abuse before it has the chance to arise.

A child's opportunity to grow up in a happy healthy environment will increase as a result of proper parenting education, rather than having to live in fear.


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