Behind the Door of D4! 4th Edition, February 10, 2017 by: The Pink Dragons

Andrew and Roman the jokesters

What did the duck say when he was at dinner??? ''put it on my bill '.'

What did the rock say to the ruler ???? '' you rock and you rule'.'

What's a hurricanes worst problem? '' it's always in a hurry ''

Why was the cookie sad?? ''because his mom was a wafer so long''

What kind of vegetables do drummers eat??? ''beets'.'

Drama News

Make sure you go see the Little Mermaid

Staring our classes own, Ava and Brittany. Make sure you wish them good luck! March 3rd and March 4th.

Math News

In math we are learning dividing fractions and getting ready for AzMerit. Practice your multiplication facts!


Our class was deciding which commercial was the best...

It was between the Skittles and the Hero Journey with Melissa McCarthy and it was...... the HERO JOURNEY .


Make sure your writing is neat and amazing and that you are writing at least 5 sentences in a 3 paragraph essay (Intro, body and conclusion)!!!!!!!!

Science News

We are learning about electricity and be sure to do those experiments at home!!!!!!!!!!


We are so excited about our Oreo Valentine's Day experiments. Keep an eye on DOJO to see pictures of our fun time. I am also looking forward to conferences next week to talk about all the great things your child has been doing as well as talk about AzMerit and how we can work together as a team to help your child be as successful as possible. Homework will be changing for the rest of the year in order to help your child become comfortable with computer generated test questions and I will go over that with you during conferences. I will also let you know some things about 5th grade and how your child will be moving class to class next year since we are departmentalized. Have a great week everyone and Happy Early Valentine's Day. I've included a photo of the times you have signed up for your conference in case you need it. :)


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