Tera Woolley CAS Students' summer series

Tera Woolley

EMU Senior, Expected Graduation Fall 2019

Entertainment Design & Technology (EDT) Major, Musical Theatre Minor

Specialization: Sound Design & Technology

What inspired you to pursue a degree in Entertainment Design & Technology?

"When I transferred, I thought I wanted to do education, but after being in education for 2 semesters, I decided that I missed the arts and started talking to Dennis O'Grady in the Communications department. He directed me to Jeromy Hopgood, a professor in the Theatre department, who talked me into changing to EDT after learning about my experience in music/theatre from my community college.”

Why did you choose EMU?

"I chose EMU because I wanted to begin to plant my own roots and start to be my own person apart from my parents in a new area. I stumbled across EMU while searching for a bachelors program and there were so many options to choose from which was a nice thought in case I wanted to change my major later on down the road (which I did). EMU is also the most diverse group of students that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to work with and I think that's important for growth."

Tera is completing an internship with Sweetwater as a Live Production Intern this summer. Her responsibilities include setting up and tearing down all microphones, speakers, monitors, and other sound equipment required for various productions throughout the summer. Tera will be working on their Summer Concert Series and GearFest, which draws in thousands of sound engineers and music lovers worldwide each summer.

What attracted you to this internship?

"Sweetwater Sound is the largest music and audio retailer in all of America. They are constantly premiering new audio gear and hosting masterclasses, lessons, festivals, etc. about audio gear. I was also attracted to this internship because of the ability to be part of a team that makes huge concerts possible. Sweetwater has a summer concert series and there are anywhere from 4-7 concerts a month in their huge outdoor performance pavilion. I am a part of a team of 8-10 people who set up whole concerts for thousands of people."

What do you hope to gain by completing this internship with Sweetwater?

"I hope to gain a lot of knowledge about the differences in gear and manufacturers and to confidently pick out what is needed for certain types of events. I also hope to be able to make a lot of connections with professionals and with the thousands of people who come through the doors of Sweetwater every day."

What's been the most surprising aspect of this internship so far?

"It has been crazy how quickly you're thrown into the swing of things. On my second day, they trusted me to grab gear for an event being set up that day and help the Shure representative set up for an event (which included getting to play with a golden microphone that was going to be used by Run DMC the next week)."

In what ways do you see yourself evolving professionally, or individually by completing this academic program?

"I believe that this program is going to help me be more marketable as a technician in general. I've been lucky enough to design two mainstage shows (Harvey, Sweat) and one secondstage show (Holes) in my time at EMU and have been lucky enough to be the Sound Designer for a few productions at the Encore Musical Theatre Company in Dexter, MI. Being a student designer is a huge help in making sure that you actually know your stuff because you need to be able to explain it to other students who will in turn explain it to other students down the line. This program not only teaches you how to communicate effectively with people on your crews, professors, directors, and fellow designers, but it also teaches you how to cultivate true collaborative potential."

How has, or will your time at EMU influence your future endeavors?

"My time at EMU will influence my ability to communicate effectively with people of all titles. The professors have instilled in us a crazy amount of respect no matter who you talk to. Talk to the maintenance people the same way you would talk to Slash (which is an upcoming concert this summer). It will also help influence my future because EMU has taught me how to take charge of a situation and be an effective and responsible leader and a trustworthy member of a team."

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