WWI Trench Survival Guide Kelly anna lucas


Trenching tool. War Relics, 22 Sept. 2014, www.warrelics.eu/forum/attachments/ field-equipment-accessories-third-reich/ 670128d1396493226-military-entrenching-tools-shovels-imag1221.jpg. Accessed 24 Mar. 2017.

The trenching tool was used in WWI as a tool used to dig trenches in the ground for protection. If you had trenches you had a better chance of surviving than out in the open. Trenches were a large part of how soldiers protected themselves, if it wasn't for the trenching tool you fate would be sealed a lot faster back then. (InspirEd)

The Gas Mask 

The Gas Mask was very helpful to the soldier because of the new attack methods back then. When the war started to use toxic gasses it could kill thousand of people. They quickly learned how to prevent the gases from killing them. There was many different variation of how the gas mask. Many were unsuccessful and some were very effective. (InspirEd)

The Helmet

Helmets were a key factor of theater soldiers would live or die. Helmets were a pice of metal that was meant to be worn to protect the soldiers head. Helmets were made by woman in during WWI and were mad produced. Having a helmet was major survival tool back then, especially when there are bullets flying everywhere. (InspirEd)


Hot meals were a luxury for the troops who had to cook over candle flames [PH]. Express.co.uk, 23 Aug. 2013, cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/ 129/590x/battle-feed-Tommy-502452.jpg. Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.

Meals were not easy to come by during WWI. The soldiers had to live on tea and dog biscuits. During the war countries were trying to get as much soldiers as possible, so they would take pictures of soldier and told them to be look happy. In this picture they usually were not given this much food. Food would be a big help during the war since there were so many soldiers and very little food. (InspirEd)


World War 1 Uniforms. History of American Wars, www.history-of-american-wars.com/ images/WitchElkBootsL.jpg. Accessed 26 Mar. 2017.

Trench foot was a very serious disease that led to a lot of pain and amputations. The trenches were muddy and wet. Trench foot is caused by standing in freezing waterlogged trench. Changing yo socks and having good foot wear could hep proven trench foot. (InspirEd)

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