Last Christmas A CHristmas story Hodge family Edition

I stood stretching and scowling. My sister stood at the foot of my bed jumping up and down and squealing with glee. I tried not to roll my eyes, but it was too early, too bright, and way to irritating to resist temptation. I rolled over to go back to my deep slumber, but ended up face to face with rough wood floors. I glared at my sister for pushing me off, but Alisha just smiled and yelled “Good morning angels, it’s Christmas!”

I was about to inform her of where she could shove Christmas when my mom walked in rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She immediately looked to Alisha “can we open the first gift when it’s not one o’clock in the morning?” She pleaded with her eyes and her words. My sister quickly shook her head saying “NO way! We are already an hour behind.” I calmly climbed back in the bed, and told my sister that if she continued to pester me, I would throw the first object I touch at her. She continued to bother me, so I proceeded to throw my lamp at her. Her eyes widened before she jumped out of the way quickly running out my room. The lamp bounced of the wall near my dresser and fell shattering.

My mom quickly reprimanded me before climbing into my bed and drifting off to sleep. We both knew Alisha would continue to bother her if she went back to her room. I was asleep like a hibernating bear and waking up minutes after that from a loud crash down stairs. I shook my mom awake muttering “bad children….down stairs…..” She reluctantly got out of the bed and I drifted back into my peaceful slumber.

By the time I woke up it was around ten o’ clock and my family had already begun the annual Hodge baking experience and Polar Express blared from the living room television. During this experience all of the six children my mom gave birth to bake the cakes and cookies for the holidays. We choose recipes as a family and the children decorate them. On year my little brother, Benjamin, made chocolate chip cookies, with the help of his older siblings, every single batch was WWE’s Randy Orton themed. Alisha was only allowed to make easy foods after making brownies from a boxed cake. Nevertheless, the entire kitchen looked like a flour tornado and a chocolate hurricane ran through the kitchen simultaneously. I huffed a bit taking a shower before helping my brother make his now John Cena themed cake.

The movie we watch every year .!

While we baked, my mom decorated the tree. We were banned from decorating the tree when Benjamin poured water in the sockets to get the lights to work and shorted out the whole house for a week. Then the following year Sarah, my little sister, and I wanted to add a star to the top of the tree, but neither of us was tall enough to reach the top. We thought it would be a good idea to use a chair to get up there, but when we tried to put the chair against the tree, it feel over and all the ornaments shattered. Then the chair feel on top the tree and two of the legs popped off.

When Alisha and I were in the kitchen, there was a lot of arguing, but eventually we got the job done. You could tell who made what just by looking at it. The cake that looked like brownies was Alisha’s signature dish. The chocolate fanatic cake that included at least 20 different forms and kinds of chocolate baked in and on the cake was yearly my doing. David tried to get out of doing anything every single year. My mom cooked all the real food we just bake the desserts.

We made our dinner plants and opened our gifts one by one. Each person smiling at the game they wanted or the Visa gift cards they got, and each person frowning at the socks grandma got them. We all went off to do our own thing and have our own fun bothering each other and trading gifts. By eight o’ clock everyone is done eating, opening presents, laughing, joking and by the time my mom realized the kitchen was a mess because no one cleaned it up, everyone was already asleep.

Christmas was almost the same every year. We had our baking time. We had mom to put up the tree and Benjamin to pick it out. We had our feats and it was almost always just my immediate family, mom, siblings, sometimes dad and grandma.

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