Good Life Tour Of The Harn Timothy Holmes IUF2000

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

Islandia , Goddess of the Healing Waters ( Audrey Flack): As soon as I entered the museum, this was the first piece that caught my eye. As you can see it was a huge piece, which stood at least 12 ft tall. I have never seen an angel before, but I assume this is what one looks like because of how beautiful this piece was. This sculptor is made from polychrome and gilded plaster. In other piece Luster has created, she usually uses bright colors and in this specific piece she did just that. On the head of this Goddess you can see she is wearing a gold crown with a pink rose on the top. Also on the back the wings were painted gold, so the colors really stood out to me. The gesture the artwork is creating with her arms communicates social healing and regeneration. This made me have a since of comfort.

Design Of The Museum

This wing of the museum was particularly appealing to me because it had multiple spiritual paintings across several centuries. I feel like the arrangement of the art in this room is what made me interested in taking a picture of it. Each wall was organized in such a way that depicts that era. This exhibit made me feel curious about the artist because I couldn't understand why the artist felt the need to paint many pictures of evil spirits.

Art and Core Values

The racing masquerade near Man (Hans Himmelheber): In this photo photo a younger child is seen running away from/ racing a masquerade. This stuck out to me the most because I am a track and field runner and have been running since I was 4 years old. This artwork gave me a sense of motivation, seeing this photo and knowing how long I have been competing in my sport, I will make sure I reach all the goals I have set for myself. This artwork instills perseverance and commitment. This piece helps me better understand and cherish the fact that I still have to make sure I have fun and not take things so seriously, even though I want to win, the most important part is to enjoy the moment.

Art in the Goodlife

White Closed-Form Vessel (Toshiko Takaezu): The Good life theme that this piece fits is "Seeking the Good Life". This extraordinary piece of art depicts the secrets and true feeling one has deep inside about their values. Toshiko Takaezu wrote messages enclosed of her closed "vessels". The only way to read the messages inside is if the pottery was ever broken. I have a better appreciation of this theme because I feel as though everyone should always work towards making progress in their life, to reach the goals they have set for themselves.
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