portraits By: Grace m. cruz

Take a photo outside: For the portrait outside I had Ashrowo and CC sit or stand by the bell to have a prop in the photo.

Ashrowo was my model for the away from the wall portrait. I got her to go down a ramp next to the brick wall to have it as a background. I also used the rule of thirds.

Caleb was against the brick wall. He was the main focus and filled the frame.

I had the models Ashrowo and Cecilia go in front of the books to have a background. I also took this photo with flash.

This photo is just like the one with flash only that it is without flash.

Emma was my model for using the subjects environment. I took this photo using natural lighting from the window and the rule of thirds.

Natural light from window: Cecilia was my model for the natural lighting from the window portrait. I also used the rule of thirds.

One of my choice portraits was to have Ashrowo lay on the bench against the wall.

My second choice was to have Cecilia reading a book so i could get the birds eye view. She is also the main focus, everything else is blurry.

My last choice was to have a group of people. Have them be in the subjects environment.

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