Rhetorical Analysis Project By Taiwo Fatoki

Vince Lombardi in 1959

Vince Lombardi was a first year coach who had received an opportunity to coach the Greenbay Packers. He had never been a losing coach but the Packers had not been a winning team in over 12 years. After his first season with this team, he lead them to a record of 7-5, along with 3rd place in the Western conference.


In this amazing speech at the beginning of the 1959 NFL season, Vince Lombardi begins by telling his team that they will have a football team that will win some games. He then tells them that his team will have confidence in him and his system. He continues to tell them the many different reasons that they will beat the opponent. He states why he is qualified by telling them that he has never been a losing coach and refuses to start now. He continues to state his authority and even offers them a chance to leave if they were not ready to play for his football team.

This speech was given in order to motivate his new team for the season. He had a sole purpose of winning and nothing else. Mr. Lombardi is giving this speech to his new Greenbay Packers team in 1959.

Rhetorical Appeals

Two of the three Rhetorical appeals are used: logos and ethos. Logos is used most prominently throughout this speech, he tells his team that they will not lose and will be a winning team. He uses ethos by mentioning to his team that "I’ve never been a losing coach, and I don’t intend to start here." (Vince Lombardi). This is showing his experience and why he will be a great coach. His use of logos was clearly effective seeing that the Packers went on to win their first game against the Chicago Bears.

The only other appeal that was left out was pathos, this may have been left out so he would not be seen as soft, or as a pushover of a coach.

His diction throughout the speech is what persuaded the team the most. His repeated use of the statement "We will..." gave his team a belief that they would complete whatever he said. This made his team believe in his statements from that first game onward.


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