Straight Up Sweet Get your Sugar fiX at any of these NYC dessert destinations

You finally walk into a huge restaurant you've been waiting to get into for forty-five minutes. When you take your first step into the trendy eatery, the grey, black and blue modern decor enhance your anticipation. Oh my gosh, you think, this is going to be great! In the background you hear the most relaxing yet energetic music. A waiter scrambles past you on the way to serve another customer; the tray smells of sweet chocolate mixed with buttery cake. Wow this place rocks! As you walk with the host to your table all you see are gourmet delicious meals. And, woah, look at that chocolate dessert bar! Doesn't this place sound incredible? Wouldn't you want to eat here? Well, you should try any of these nine restaurants listed below.

Max Brenners has it all from kids meals to a milkshake in an Alice in Wonderland inspired cup. This amazing chocolate experience is high on most foodies' lists of restaurants to visit. A very popular item on their menu is the Hug Mug Hot Chocolate; a cup specifically designed to make the hot chocolate experience even better. It allows you to hold the cup with both hands so the fragrance, warmth, and coziness are fully experienced. Another popular item is The Alice Cup milkshake. It is designed to enhance the fantasy and wonder of drinking a milkshake. If you consider yourself a chocoholic, you have got to go eat at Max Brenners.

Momofuku milk bar has too many favorites to choose just one. Chef Christina Tosí is always fixing up a sweet snack. The playful spin put on home style desserts keeps the customers addicted. The cereal milk™ ice cream is one of the most famous dishes served at the milk bar. It literally tastes like the milk at the bottom of a bowl of cornflakes. Made from milk, cornflakes, brown sugar, and the tiniest bit of salt it's the perfect dessert when you’re in love with breakfast. Crack pie is another Christina Tosi creation no one can get enough of. With the toasted oat crust and butter filling, it'll leave you wanting more and more. Momofuku milk bar is widely known due to their many locations and their incredible desserts.

This pictures two ice creams from the Momofuku Milk Bar. The one on the left is cereal milk ice cream.

Breads Bakery is a flat out hit. The Bakery serves amazing Eastern European comfort food. It's very well known for its amazing babka: a pastry with a flaky top, soft and doughy insides, and a chocolate and Nutella mixture in every bite. The article “Treat Yourself! The Sweetest Desserts In NYC” from Refinery29 says, “[Breads Bakery] might just [have] the best babka in the New York City." Another expert to comment on the world class babka is food blogger and co founder of the Instagram account hungrygrls with over 148k followers Jennie Snyder. She said, “If I could only eat one New York City dessert for the rest of my life it would have to the the chocolate babka from Breads Bakery.” From these two sources alone, its obvious New York City couldn't live without Breads Bakery.

Dominique Ansel Bakery is another well recognized restaurant. You've probably heard of their most popular delicacy, the Cronut: a hybrid of a croissant mixed doughnut. People line up outside early in the morning to get a taste of their monthly, seasonal flavor. Expert Jennie Snyder notes the Cronut as being one of the trendiest desserts of 2016. If you miss the limited batch of Cronuts for that day, not to worry because their newest creation, a cookie shot will still be there. These cookie shots are cookies formed like cups filled with milk. Dominique Ansel Bakery is recognized for its amazing chef, Dominique Ansel who is a french born pastry chef known for creating innovative desserts. Dominique Ansel Bakery comes highly recommended. Both Refinery29's "The Sweetest Desserts In NYC" and Harper's Bazaar's "Eat Chic: New York City's Best Desserts", identify Dominique Ansel Bakery as a definite sweet destination in New York City.

Magnolia Bakery has the cupcakes you've always dreamed of. But they're so much more than just cupcakes. On the survey I conducted a whopping 50% of takers, not all of whom were from New York, have been to Magnolia Bakery. Multiple people, from my survey, who said Magnolia Bakery was their favorite dessert spot mentioned the banana pudding as their favorite item on the menu. Jennie Snyder of hungrygrls agrees. She thinks Magnolia Bakery is one of the best destination dessert restaurants and their banana pudding is one of the best desserts. The banana pudding has a thick custard, fresh bananas, and pieces of cake all mixed together in a bowl creating one of NYC’s guiltiest pleasures. In the articles by Harper’s Bazaar and Refinery29, Magnolia Bakery is listed as a best dessert restaurant in New York City.

Levain Bakery is another iconic place in New York City. Known for their extraordinary cookies, Levain is a very busy spot. Loved by many for their mission to create the best and biggest cookies around, their cookies come in chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin. ( Best of all, the middle of the cookie isn’t fully baked so you can still taste the uncooked cookie dough. Co founder of hungrygrls, Jennie Snyder says, “In my opinion, Levian big cookies [are one of the best desserts in New York City.” All in all, if you're a cookie fanatic Levain is definitely not a spot to miss.

The Sugar Factory speaks for itself. I mean, a factory for sugar!? Who wouldn’t want to eat there. I know many celebrities have, including Nicki Minaj, Khole, Kim, Kourtney Kardashian, Pretty Little Liars and tons more. One of their most popular items is a 60 ounce goblet. They have nine different flavors with variations of fruit, melon, and sweets. A guaranteed sugar high, what's not to love!?

Ten Below is probably on your list of establishments to visit due to its unique rolled ice cream, and if it isn't-- put it on there! Ten Below is an ice cream parlour that serves limitless flavors of Thai-inspired rolled ice cream. These sweet treats are flourishing thanks to social media and the health craze in NYC. The non-stabilizer and preservative free ice cream is made fresh right in front of you. An incredible experience and amazing dessert will have us all screaming for ice cream.

Black Tap is whipping up the meal of your dreams. From their ginormous burgers to their outrageous milkshakes, Black Tap has got you covered. The Instagram-famous milkshakes have made a name for themselves with the layers of brownies, cookies, cake, candy, doughnuts, fudge, sprinkles, and more. In a survey I conducted, Black Tap is the restaurant that most people want to visit. Sela Breen, first time attender, recently visited Black Tap. She shared, “It was a really cool place and definitely lived up to its expectations. Sometimes when you see restaurants on social media you have very high expectations and Black Tap definitely lived up to these. The servers there were very cooperative and had great recommendations.” One taste of Black Tap's milky monsters explains why it is so popular on social media.

These nine restaurants have great ambiance, taste, presentation, and a worthy social media presence. Any one of these will give you the dessert your sweet tooth has been craving. So, what are you waiting for? Go find your NYC sugar fix ASAP.

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