Ancient Rome by: Maggie N.

Welcome to the best place on earth, Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome is located in Italy which is in Europe. Rome is very mountainous and beautiful, and it has a great Mediterranean climate. This means it has a hot and dry summer.

This is a photo of the amazing landscape in Rome.
This is a picture of where Rome is located. (Rome is located in the red area on the map.)

Carthage is one of the best ancient cities in the world, later rebuilt by Julius Caesar of Rome. The city became a major part of the Roman Empire.

The Roman Forum is a historic site in Rome. It has been called the most celebrated meeting place in the world, and in all history.

The 7 hills of Rome are some beautiful hills located east of the river Tiber.

The Colosseum, it is the largest amphitheater ever built.Also it is a great place for visitors to go in Rome.

In ancient times the Colosseum was used for gladiator fights.

Roman theater,Roman theater performed to honor the gods.It was a great source of entertainment for the Romans.

The Romans got their culture from the Greeks, and Etruscan.

They ate fish, shellfish, seaweed, and wild figs.

The wealthy lived in good houses along the hills away from all of the smell and noises.

Poor Romans lived in simple small houses.

The head of the family had more power in the Roman family than the father in an ancient Greek family.

They worshiped at temples located all around the city.

They spoke Latin and Greek.


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