Suleiman the magnificent


  • Suleiman the magnificent was known as the "Law giver".
  • Was born6 November 1494 Trabzon, Ottoman Empire
  • Died 6 September 1566 (aged 71) Kingdom of Hungary
  • Suleiman the magnificent was the sultan (leader) from 1520 to 1566.
  • Suleiman was handed Down the position of sultan after his father died in 1520.
  • They called him suleiman the magnificent because he significantly expanded the empire in the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean.


  • Süleyman’s armies conquered Hungary, over which the Ottomans maintained control for over 150 years, and they advanced as far west as Vienna, threatening the Habsburg's.
  • In the Mediterranean, their navy captured all the principal North African ports, and for a time the Ottoman fleet completely dominated the sea.
  • His religion was Islam


  • Along with geographic expansion, trade, economic growth, and tremendous cultural and artistic activity helped define the reign of Süleyman as a “Golden Age.”
  • In Constantinople, he embarked on vast cultural and architectural projects.


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