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Hello Ladies

My name is Ashley Lebeau owner of Lebeau Boudoir & Weddings in Chicopee, MA and Belchertown, MA. My journey that started as a child/family photographer led me to my real love of photography with boudoir and weddings. My job allows me to show you how beautiful you really are. How confident images of yourself can make you feel like you are on top of the world...this is my JOB!!!

I understand that most women have areas of their body that they love and some that are not as loved. This is completely understandable with the world that we live in and the thought of being "perfect" that glooms over. Let me start with there is no "perfect".

I'm here to show you that you don't need to lose 10 pounds, get your hair done, or fix this and touch up that to be beautiful. You ARE beautiful!!!

Take a chance and let me show you today!!

Why Boudoir??

-To use photographs as a gift for a significant other.

- Brides looking for a unique gift to surprise the groom.

-To celebrate a milestone - like a 30th, 40th or even 60th birthday.

- Mothers-to-be looking to document their pre-baby body.

-As a gift for a lover on Valentine Day!

- Or simply just to remind yourself that you've still got that sassy side in you.

With all the daily tasks women face — life gets pretty hectic! I truly feel that every woman deserves to take a break from the hustle of life, be a little selfish, indulge and do something totally outside of your comfort zone!

The Experience

You walk into the studio feeling both excited and nervous. If your too nervous feel free to bring your favorite champagne or wine. You can also relax with some water or coffee provided at the studio. You can now relax, music playing, and start your session or if you chose take a few moments to let the hair and makeup artists give you that glow of beauty and gorgeous hair that will take your images to the next level. While relaxing you look around to see the large windows, a white brick wall, and prop set ups that will give you ideas as to what we can do for your session. Once you are styled and ready to go you can dress in items from the boudoir closet or your own personal stash, it is time for me to let you see how gorgeous and sexy you really are. Once we go through a few poses you will see there was no reason to be nervous at all, in fact you will wonder why you thought this was so hard. The time flies by and before you know it, you are walking out the door feeling more confident, beautiful and sexy than you ever thought possible! The gorgeous images you walk away with are the icing on the cake, because the real treat was the experience and feeling of doing something to celebrate your beautiful self.

Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup is included in your session fee (and is recommended)!! It is an extension of your beauty. Before your session I will ask you to look online (pinterest, google, etc) to find hair and makeup styles that seem to fit you and your personality. These images will then be used to help you get that sexy look you were looking for. Photography makeup differs from normal makeup and even though you might have things mastered day to day for makeup, the artists will have you looking like a super model.

What to Wear

One of the most frequently asked questions is "What should I wear?" Clients are constantly inquiring about what is "acceptable" boudoir attire. The answer is: whatever you want! Boudoir attire is all about what makes you feel sexy and confident. I have ladies bring in everything from classic black dresses to barely there lace underwear. You can reveal as much or as little as you want (including nude). Classic boudoir attire typically includes items such as bra / panty sets, chemises, corsets, and teddies. While in our consultation I can help you choose clothing that will make you feel the most comfortable. I also have a few things in the studio for your use.

Best Lingerie Shops

Victoria's Secret - www.victoriassecret.com

Adore Me - www.adoreme.com


Yandy -www.yandy.com

Hips and Curves - www.hipsandcurves.com


Women are always worried about how do I pose during my boudoir session? No worries I have over 3 years and countless boudoir classes to allow me to help you pose down to the fingertips. I will use the details that we talk about in your consultation to make you look your best while covering your unloved areas. Once you see how easy this is you will be at ease and the confidence will soar!!


Women come to me as I do believe in retouching but not reshaping. I want you to come to your reveal and say wow that is an amazing shot and my reply is that it is barely retouched. "You love you!!" not my ability to turn you into someone else. While I am ok with editing the removal of any blemishes, scars, cellulite, stretch marks, etc, I will not take away 10 pounds.

Session Experience

- 45-60 minutes hair/makeup

- 15 minutes outfit review and shoot discussion

- 15 minutes posing primer

- About 2 hours photographing with 3-4 ensembles and in the sheets (not enough outfits?? No worries!! I have sizes small through 3x/4x in the studios.)

While at your session we will go over all of your outfits and narrow it down if needed. Do you need any accessories? We have some at the studio!! We start with the outfit you are the most comfortable with and I will do the poses with you (you can laugh at my awkwardness...I don't mind). Once you have done a few sets ups you will see how easy it is and I can even show you some back of camera images to make you feel more comfortable and confident in yourself. The most important thing is to have fun and I promise we will.

Congratulations – we finished the shoot! Within a week or two I will have your images ready and we will meet in person for the big reveal and talk about what products are best for you. Everything I offer is heirloom products, whether it’s an album, canvas or collection box. Payment is due upon ordering at the reveal and payment plans are available.

Products and Packages

The session is over, the images edited, and it is time for your reveal. Come in relax and start with a slideshow to music that showcases all of your images. We will then break them down to your favorites. I only bring up a few at a time to keep you from being overwhelmed. I understand that it is not easy to pick favorites as once you see yourself in a new light you fall in love with them all (I do have options for everything too...don't worry). Once we have them down to your favorites we pick your products. This may mean we have to break down your favorites one more time, but I will try to make it as easy as possible. Products are anything from Luxury leather albums (our most popular items) to heirloom boxes, to canvasses, retro viewers, folios, USBs and more!!! I offer both packages starting at $900 and a la carte starting at $350. There is no minimum purchase price and products will be ordered once full payment is made.

Payment Plans

I understand that this amazing experience is an investment that you will be able to look back on for a lifetime. With that said I do offer payment plans, so that you can purchase anything that you choose without fear. Payment plans are placed at the reveal session and include 3, 6, or 12 month payments. The best part is when approved I get paid up front and their is no extra wait for products!!

Referral Program

While I know there is nothing better than to hear from someone themselves about how amazing their experience was at Lebeau Boudoir & Weddings...I offer referral credits.

All you have to do is tell your female friends about your experience, and have them book a session. Once they put in their session fee you BOTH receive $100 referral credit on products!!! This can be multiplied by the amount of women you bring in also NO LIMIT!!

Common Questions Answered

I’m nervous about this! What’s your advice?

Being nervous is totally normal but I promise nerves will melt away very soon! After 5 minutes of shooting you will see how fun and easy it is. I will only do what you are comfortable with and will check in here and there to make sure you are still ok.

Can I bring a friend to the photo shoot?

I am completely ok with bringing a female friend to the shoot, but I ask that you let the guys stay at home (they will make you feel more uncomfortable than you think). Anyone can come to the consultation or reveal session.

Is there a minimum amount I must spend?


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I offer payment plans on product ordering. Payments can be made in 3, 6, or 12 month increments if approved.

How long will it take to see my photos?

Generally 1-2 weeks. I work to get them back quickly as I am sure your anxious to see them.

How do I receive the photos?

At your session we will book your reveal appointment. We provide in person viewings as a courtesy to our clients to help with the image and product selection. All product orders are made at the reveal session.


I wanted to do something special and out of the box for my husband. I had contemplated for awhile on boudoir photos. I knew my husband loves me just the way I am but I didn't have self love. I decided to have a consult anyway, to see what it was all about. I'm so glad I did, although still so nervous! Ashley explained everything in detail. ( I'm a detail kind of girl!) She assured me we would only do poses I was comfortable doing. Ashley has a wonderful personality, which made me feel like I could actually be sexy and take beautiful photographs! My self esteem boosted so much from doing this photo shoot. Even more so when my husband received the final product. He loved them and so did I. Such a wonderful experience! -S-

Ashley was amazing to work with during my boudoir session. She made me feel comfortable, confident, beautiful, sexy, and simply amazing. I'm completely in love with my pictures! I couldn't be happier that I chose her for my boudoir session.

I was very hesitant about booking my session but once I got into the studio, Ashley made me feel very comfortable. I am very body conscious but she knew exactly how to photograph me and make me look fantastic! During my reveal I saw a different side to myself and I truly felt beautiful. My husband (fiance at the time) loved them and was very shocked I did such a thing, knowing how I am. It's an unexpected pleasure sometimes to step outside your comfort zone and this was totally worth it :) I will definitely consider going back again in the future for another session <3 - Kayla

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