Alternative Assessment Part 6 Heredity

Picture Citation: "DNA." Pixabay, 2017, Accessed 2 Jan. 2017.

Heredity: The passing of genetic information, such as DNA, from parent to offspring of a species.

Relative Article Citation: "Once-extinct zebra-like 'quagga' brought back to life in South Africa using DNA engineering." International Business Times, IBTimes, 2017, Accessed 3 Jan. 2017.

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Scientist Spotlight: Eric Harley is a researcher who worked on reviving the quagga breed of Zebras. He was also a professor of chemical pathology at the University of Cape Town.

Types of Zebras Chart

Citation: "A Zebra I.D. Chart." Pinterest, 2017, af/e6/b5afe6ebdac9d4825733f6e1ce4de431.jpg. Accessed 3 Jan. 2017.

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