National Shakespeare Day 23rd april 2017

This Sunday sees the anniversary of the late great William Shakespeare - he entered and existed this world on April 23rd and not forgetting it is the same day as our sacred St George - perhaps there is a link between the two great legends of British history?

Each Year Group will take on a Shakespearean shaped challenge that will test their knowledge and creative flair.

Year 7 - Using the selection of Shakespearean words and phrases create a wordle on the display board. Be creative in your design and make sure everyone gets involved. I bet you will all be surprised by some of the amazing words and phrases that Shakespeare created!

Year 8 - Your mission, should you chose to accept, is to match the Shakespearean characters to the correct play. Move and match the characters in conjunction with the appropriate play - some are easier than others, so start there and work your way through. Good luck.

Year 9 - Oodles and Doodles - Design a new contemporary front cover for the selection on Shakespearean plays! Be creative and think how proud William would be of the new designs!

Year 10 - Shakespeare was famous for his use of insulting language. On your display boards you will match a teacher to a Shakespearean character and then attach an appropriate insult between characters (or teachers) don't be too horrible!


Created with images by tonynetone - "William Shakespeare" • ajleon - "Winedale Shakespeare Festival" • WikiImages - "shakespeare poet writer" • KJGarbutt - "Shakespeare" • cdrummbks - "romeo and juliet" • ralph and jenny - "Macbeth"

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