All Dogs Need Homes BY Bai-toey

All Dogs need homes

Did you know why dogs make a man best friend? Can you imagine the world without a dog? All dogs come in different shape and sizes some of them have short fur and long fur and some of them have scary faces and cute face. In this text you will find a lot of things about 3 dog.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are strong and playful animals.They came from Switzerland. In German they are called Berner Sennen Hund. Some of them are take care of sick people.They like to exercise,run and be outside. They don’t like to stay alone. Bernese Mountain Dogs weigh about 55 kilos and are about 28 cm tall. Sometimes they are shy like children. Bernese Mountain Dogs puppies are very playful. I love Bernese Mountain Dogs because it beautiful,cute,playful and big. They carry milk and cheese. sometimes people call them cheese Dog. They need big area to play


Bernese Mountain Dogs have thick fur. They are mostly black and white.

Bernese Mountain Dog



Poodle have 3 sizes: Standard, Miniature and Toy. In German mean “Splash in water”. They are from German. it belongs in Water Retriever. Toy poodles are smart and playful. Standard poodles weigh 38 kilos, miniature poodle weigh 7 kilos and toy poodle weigh 3 kilos. Standard poodle are 23 cm tall. Miniature poodle are 15 cm tall. Toy poodle are 10 cm tall. Sometimes I like poodle because they have fluffy fur. Poodles need to brush their fur every day. They need not much area to play.


Poodles don’t eat much food because it small. You can feed them with rice or dog food and give them some snack and don’t feed them with oily food, sweet and chocolate.

Standard Poodle
Miniature Poodle
Toy Poodle




Komondor are big and strong.It is a herding dog.It looks

like “Puli” (Dog).Komondor are very expensive because it is hard to find.It has to stay in the place that have the 10°c temperature because their fur are very long.Sometimes if I don’t see its eyes I think it is a “mop”. When it is still a puppy it looks like Poodle.It is from Hungary. I like

komondor because it is cute and it is funny. They have long fur because it protect them from the cold.Sometimes if the fur get wet it take 2 days to dry.

What they like

Komondor like cold places.They like to run.Sometimes they like to bother other animals.


Komondor puppies

If you don’t have a dog at home you should get one and if you already have a dog at home you have to take good care of them and don't feed them with chocolate. If you want to get a dog you have to look for a dog that have habit like you. You have to remember that all dogs come in different shapes and sizes so don’t judge a dog by its

appearance and most of the dogs don’t like to go to the doctor. Do you want to get a dog?


Retriever is a dog of a breed.

Hungary is in Eastern Europe

Germany is in western Europe

Switzerland is in Western Europe

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