Networking Assignment Jack Wong's Networking Story

Two Different Events. Two Networking Opportunities. All in one day.

Goal: Talk to 5 people at Breakfast event.

Tyler Rygus

  • Co-Founder of Social Button Co.
  • Expert event planner
  • Helped me with my Calgary Stampede Project by looking into key influencers in our target demographic.
Tyler's Linkedin Profile

Chelsie Anderson

  • Founder of Grow Food Calgary
  • Education program on growing food
  • Seasonal operation. Non profit organization.
Chelsie Anderson's Business Card

Mark Kamachi

  • Founder of Ad Maki
  • Creative Director / Professor @ ACAD
  • Been in the industry for over 20 years.
Mark Kamachi's Business Card

Update: 3 professionals so far.

Goal: Meet 7 professionals & Have Fun

Photo Montage.

Jesse Doenz

  • Investors Relations Manager @ Birchcliff energy
  • Scouting potential business ideas
  • Boring investor
Jesse Doenz's Business card

Sarah McKenzie

  • Events coordinator
  • Helped me come up with ideas for Calgary Stampede Project
  • Brilliant idea with bringing back snack packs
Sarah McKenzie's Business Card

Emily Wood

  • Midway & Exhibitions Coordinator
  • Also Helped me with Calgary Stampede project
  • Look into providing unique Stampede boutiques at airports & train stations
Emily Wood's Business Card

Allan Lu

  • Digital Marketing Guru
  • recently won $35,000 startup scholarship
  • Potential pro bono marketing gig
Allan Lu's Business Card

Diana Van Dijken

  • Founder of Baby Leaf Covers
  • Potential client project for next art of pitch class
  • Cute baby
Diana Can Dijken's Business Card

Jaron Van Dijken

  • Diana's Husband
  • Works at Shell as an Petro Engineer (nerd)
  • Client at Tangerine
Jaron Van Dijken's Business Card

Update: Talked to 6 professionals

Just missed 1 from original goal... Damn it.

Winner... Winner... Chicken Dinner.

All MRU Project's received funding... YAY!


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