Acid Lysergic acid Diethylamide (LSD)

LSD is a drug that gives you bad hallucinogen. It was first discovered in !938. The drug acid is grown in a fungus on a rye. LSD can be taken in by a paper that you dissolves on your tongue.

Statistics show that 9.50% of 12 year old and older have admitted to doing LSD. LSD has been proven 100 times more potent than hallucinogenic mushrooms and also 4000 times more stronger than mescaline. During sexual assaults, 44% of the assaults take place under the influence of LSD.

In the streets Acid or LSD might be considered blue heaven, cid, yellow sunshine, blotter.

During the state of being on Acid.... Physically you'll start to see dilated pupils, increased blood pressure, also high body temperature. Mentally, the brain will bring back flashbacks and bring back the feeling of acid and hallucinogen and typically you lose complete loss of contact with reality. Emotionally you'll drop in brain functions, extremely anxious or frantic, sudden mood swings, and also sweating and chills.

In conclusion, Acid (LSD) makes you see reality how it's not truly. I've read an article on the effects to the people on acid and some have jumped out windows imagining they can fly or even a "animal" coming near them and they scream and run away.


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