Persuasion in Hollywood Kirbi GUthman; English II, Pap; steplock; Febuary 3, 2017

Grace Unplugged

Starring AJ Michalka; James Denton; Kevin Pollak

Rated PG for thematic elements and brief teen drinking.

Run time: 101 minutes


Release Date: October 4, 2013

Example #1

In Chapter 2 of the movie (about 6 minutes in), Grace's parents are talking about weather or not her father should "do it". At this point in the movie it is unknown what said "it" is, but grace's mother persuades her father to "do it" because it would be "encouraging".

Example #2

In Chapter 2 of Grace Unplugged (about 7 minutes in), Grace's father gives her a promise ring to attempt persuade her to not have sex. Grace, though, just casts the ring aside and begins accusing her father of various things.

Example #3

In chapter of the movie, (about 10 minutes in), Grace asks her father if she can use the car. He says yes, as long as she fills it with gas. Her father then attempts to persuade her to fill the car on the way to her youth group, but she jest tells him that she won't forget.

Example #4

In chapter 2 (about 11 minutes in), Grace's mother tells Grace about her best friend going to college on scholarship to attempt to persuade her to go to college.

Example #5

In Chapter 3 (about 13 minutes in), Grace's father asks her if she has anything to tell him, in an attempt to persuade her into telling him that she lied about going to youth and went to the movies instead.

Example #6


Example #7

In chapter 5 (about 27 minutes in), Frank, Grace's manager, persuades Grace into thinking that LA is going to be great, and thinking that her road to fame will be easy.

Example #8

In chapter 5 (about 28 minutes in), Rachel attempts to persuade Grace to call her parents and tell them where she is and why. Grace refuses to do this.

Example #9

In chapter 5 (about 31 minutes in), Michelle, Grace's mother, persuades johnny, her father, not to go to la and get grace.

Example #10

In chapter 7 (about 38 minutes in), Johnny attempts to persuade grace to come home from la.

Example #11

In chapter 7 (about 41 minutes in), Frank attempts to persuade his boss to give grace a full album to follow up her fathers song.

Example #12

In chapter 9 (about 51 minutes into the movie), Grace attempts to persuade the media that her dad is happy that she is in LA, when he is not.

Example #13

In chapter 12 (about 67 minutes in) Grace tries to persuade Quentin that she is okay. Quentin also tries to persuade grace to talk to him about her song.

Example #14

In chapter 13 (about 72 minutes in), Johnny persuades his wife, michelle (who already knows) that grace is an amazing artist.

Example #15

In chapter 13 (about 76 minutes in), Quentin persuades grace to read a christian book to REDISCOVER her faith without even being there. All he did was send it in a care package on tour with her.

Example #16

in Chapter 14 (about 81 minutes in), grace tries to persuade frank to not make her sing the song that she does not want to sing. in the same scene, frank persuades grace that she has made it and she has to sing the song.

Example #17

In chapter 14 (about 85 minutes in), Quentin persuades grace into thinking she is not playing for what she should be playing for, and that she won't enjoy it with out god and her family and that once she stops running she will "find what she is looking for".

Example #18

In chapter 15 (about 89 minutes in) Grace persuades her church into forgiving her for leaving on bad terms.

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