Gospel Adventures Part 1 Week 2

Welcome back to Summer Family Sunday School at Our Savior Hawaii! This week, we'll see how God's love stretches across the world to all of His people, from you sitting at home, to the people in Mongolia! We are molded by the things around us, and God molds us as His children.

Let's sing our theme song!

Supplies for Today

  • Modeling clay (a handful for each child, if you need some talk to Kayla)
  • Plastic wrap (to wrap each pile of clay in)

LEARN ABOUT IT Contortionism

Activity: Get stretched out (do 4-5 stretches such as touching toes, touching ceiling, bending legs, etc.)

In Mongolia, there’s an activity called contortionism. The word contort means to twist something in a strange or surprising way. So people who practice contortionism can twist and stretch their bodies in ways that are…well, let’s just take a look!

Discuss: How well would you do at contortionism? Why? What do you think it would take to be a good contortionist?

Read Ephesians 3:17:

“Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust in him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.”

How does this connect with the reaching and stretching seen in contortionism? How are we rooted in Christ?

ACTIVITY Working with Clay

God molds and shapes us as His children. How can you mold and shape your clay? Sculpt a creation out of it. Celebrate how God has made you!

Discussion: What did you have to do to form the clay? How are we like the clay? What forms us?

In contortionism, muscles need to be warmed, massaged, and gently worked before they can be flexible. The clay needed to be warmed up before it could be formed. You know, people are like that, too. Our hearts need to be softened and prepared to learn about Jesus for the first time. Then, He is able to mold us into His children, His people of God.

TALK ABOUT IT Christianity in Mongolia

Our verse in Ephesians talks about roots growing down into God’s love. Roots have a hard time growing down deep into hard soil. In Mongolia, the spiritual soil has been hard and dry for a long time. For many years, Christianity wasn’t allowed in Mongolia. Missionaries brought Christianity to Mongolia only 30 years ago! Around that time, people estimate there were only about 10 Christians in the entire country! That's why it's important that they hear about Jesus to warm up their hearts. How would you share Jesus with someone in Mongolia? How has someone share God's love with you? How has your heart been softened?

PRAY ABOUT IT Grace for Mongolia

Try praying with arms outstretched to God.
  • Thank God for His love that stretches from Hawaii to Mongolia.
  • Praise God for His love that has lasted since the beginning of time.
  • Ask God for His mercy to wash away our sins.
  • Ask God to give us confidence and power to share His love with those around us, no matter how different or far away they may seem.
  • Pray that the people of Mongolia will know the light of Christ, that is for all people. That they would know that they are loved and that their hearts are opened to the Gospel.
  • Thank Him again for his mercy and providence, especially in these confusing times.

Challenge: Look for ways God is molding you to be His child and may be using you to mold others.


Created with images by Vince Gx - "Sunrise over the yurts - Mongolia" • Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) - "Yogimadhav" • Alex Jones - "pottery and craft" • Zac Durant - "Sunshine bath"