Giverny Escape from paris

October 4, 2016 - My brother and I purposely stayed an extra day so we could see & experience something new outside of Paris Fashion Week. We chose to visit Giverny, Claude Monet's home outside of Paris.

Claude Monet, the painter who founded the Impressionist school lived in Giverny for 43 years from 1883 to 1926. His house and his garden, the village of Giverny and its surroundings, were his subject matter and they still attract half a million visitors each year from all over the world, as well as painters, charmed by the unique light of the Seine Valley.

There are two parts in Monet's garden: a flower garden in front of the house and a Japanese inspired water garden on the other side of the road. The Water Garden features wisterias, bamboo, weeping willows, and the famous nympheas that bloom all summer.

The Water Garden
The Water Gardens were an abundant source of inspiration to Monet.

The flower garden called Clos Normand was still unbelievably vibrant and blooming in early October. Mom loves flowers and this made me miss her. I'd like to take her here someday.

Flower Garden

The flowers of Clos Normand, all captured on the Iphone7.

Flowers of Clos Normand
October blooms

Monet's House

Green doors of Monet's house
Blue sitting room
The Blue Sitting Room leads out to the garden.
Monet's first studio
The Egg Box
Alice's bedroom
Claude's bedroom

Monet's dining room is painted in two tones of yellow. The vibrant color showcases his blue & white dishes to perfection. The walls are packed with Japanese engravings that Monet collected from Japanese artists Hokusai, Hiroshige and Utamaro. The room has glass doors leading out into the garden.

Yellow Dining Room

The Blue Kitchen walls are covered with tiles of Rouen and is contrasted with the warm glow of the copper pans. An enormous coal and wood stove kept the kitchen very warm year round.

Blue Kitchen

Avoid the touristy restaurants near Fondation Claude Monet. Walk further down the road to the village and have lunch at the garden of Hotel Baudy. Visit the galleries and studios in the village. Visit the Impressionist Art Museum next to Monet. We napped in their gardens under the apple trees.

Garden restaurant of Hotel Baudy

In Vernon, pop in the Notre-Dame Collegiate Church for their Impressionist Stained Glass Windows.

It was a beautiful day spent out of Paris. We had traveled so near and had been transported to different and beautiful world outside of fashion.

Vive La France

Getting there: from Paris Saint-Lazare to Vernon is a 45 minute train ride. From Vernon to Giverny take a taxi or shuttle bus.

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Tesa Totengco


All photos taken on my Iphone7 - Tesa Totengco

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