Hide the Thimble By the genealogy kids

Here's a fun game our Dad taught us. It's called "Hide the Thimble." Dad learned it when he was a boy from his Grandma Greenhalgh. Sweet Grandma has gone to heaven, so the littlest kids in our family don't know her, but now they know her game!

To play, everyone goes to another room while one person hides a thimble (or anything … we opted for a Lego Minecraft Guy … those are easier to come by in our house).

Everyone else returns to the room and begins to look for the hidden object.

The person who hid the object can use “hot” and “cold” to describe how far away someone is from finding the object. Here, Henry is getting pretty “hot” …

Whoever finds the hidden object gets to be the next one to hide it.

“Hide the Thimble” is a great way to entertain little ones, or to pass the time indoors when it’s cold outside. For more old-fashioned games, try these links: