Muhammad Ali Jinnah Brittany Cripps

Muhammad Ali Jinnah: December 25, 1876-September 11, 1948. He was a lawyer, politician, and founder of Pakistan. As well as the leader of the India Muslim League. Jinnah worked with Gandhi in the freedom movement in India, although they had different points of views. Jinnah was a rationalist and used force, while Gandhi had compassion.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted independence, he wanted to solve problems between Hindus and Muslims. Jinnah believed that India Muslims should have their own state; he wanted to create a separate nation.

Jinnah did exactly what he said he would do, create a separate nation for India Muslims. Jinnah created a Muslim-majority state, named Pakistan, making India predominantly Hindu. Jinnah established Pakistan's government and policies. He also helped Muslim migrants who emigrated, and supervised refugee camps. A year after Muhammad Ali Jinnah died, Pakistan gained its independence from Britain.

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