BUCKET LIST by: Ivan Bernal

1. One place I really wanna go is Africa i wanna see the people and the heritage. I wan to see the animals. And maybe ride an elephant.
2. I really want to own or drive a corvette one day. I've always liked corvettes . And one day I would like to own one.
3. One day when I have the money I really want to go scuba-diving. I want to go see some fish in the deep sea. Also i would like to go underwater spearfishing.
4. Some day I will have a tattoo like this one. If my parents ever let me and i have the money. I will get a tattoo probably a religious one.
5. If I ever get the chance I want to climb a mountain. I will not hesitate if somebody ever offers me the chance to climb a mountain. I'm not scared of heights so that wont be a problem.
6. I want to go on a road trip to the grand canyon. I've always wanted to see the grand canyon. And if i go one day i will take many pictures.
7. If possible I want to drive to Niagara falls. I want to see the falls in person. And i want to eat at restaurant there.
8. One day I will go snowboarding because it seems fun. I want to go snowboarding. I would like to snowboard at china peak.
9. It will be really fun to go on a cruise ship. I will save up a lot of money to go on a cruise. And i will try to take one of my loved ones.
10. I want to ride a bull at a Jaripeo one day. I've ridden horses and sheep. But never have I been on bull. Hopefully I don't hurt myself.
11. Get on a hot air balloon. I will try to save up money and invite some of my friends. And the I will try to watch a sun set.
12. Run a Marathon If I get in shape I will run my hardest. And I will finish no matter what.
13. Learn martial arts. I will learn martial arts of take some self defense classes. So I can defend myself.
14. Volunteer for something. I will want to volunteer for some third world country. So that i can help some people.
15. Experience a sunset or sunrise. If I could live by the beach one day that will be good. Because I can see the sunset and rise.
16. Cook a meal for my family. If i could cook for my whole family and make them a meal. Also I hope they like.
17. Buy a drink for someone. If i'm in a foreign . I will by a drink for someone.
18. Go on a road trip with my friends.
19. I would like too go paragliding one day. Paragliding seems fun. Especially because you can jump off stuff.
20. Last but not least I would like to learn a new language. I want to learn a new language . I want to learn either Latin or Greek.


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