The Colony of Rhode Island by:Alex t.

1.About 6,000 people lived in Rhode Island.

Some places and people in Rhode Island.

They wore flappy hats and long dresses for the woman and the men wore pants like a king would wear and long legging and a folded over shirt with shirt cuffs and the children basicasly wore the same thing as the adults.

They many wars in Rhode Island

The people that lived on Rhode Island obeyed King George.

This is King George.

In January 1636 the Puritans planned to arrest Williams and send him back to his home in England.

When you see the rest of this glideshow you will see some places that are in Rhode Island.

This is Newport another really cool and exotic place to explore.

Newport is also the home of the oldest synagogue in the nation just like Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is the very first colony to say that they no longer wanted to follow their King.

This is King George the leader that none of the people on Rhode Island liked.

The first meetinghouse was made in 1699 in Newport I think that's really cool.

This is an old meeting house in Newport.

Taxes were crazy on Rhode Island and everyone was bacicaly wealthy that's what made it crazy.

This means crazy


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