Poetry Study Jacob Nestler block 6


Uncle Kracker

“You make me smile like the sun, fall outta bed

Sing like a bird,

Dizzy in my head

Spin like a record,

Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like fool,

Forget how to breathe

Shine like gold,

Buzz like a bee

Just the thought of you can drive me wild

Oh, you make me smile”

“Even when you’re gone

Somehow you come along just like a flower pokin through the sidewalk crack”

This is and example of a simile because he uses like in the line.

-She’s My Kind Of Rain

Tim McGraw

“She’s my kind of rain

Like love in a drunken sky

She’s confetti falling

Down all night”

“So I wait

And I try

I confess like a child”

“She’s the sun set shadows

She’s like Rembrandt’s light

She’s the history that’s made at night

She’s my lost companion

She’s my dreaming tree

Together in this brief eternity

Summer days, winter snows

She’s all things to behold”

This is and example of a metaphor and a simile.

-I’m Already There


“I’m already there

Take a look around

I’m the sunshine in your hair

I’m the shadow on the ground

I’m the whisper in the wind

I’m your imaginary friend

And I know I’m in your prayers

Oh I’m already there”

“I’m already there

Don’t make a sound

I’m the beat in your heart

I’m the moonlight shining down

I’m the whisper in the wind

And I’ll be there until the end

Can you feel the love that we share

Oh I’m already there.

This is an example of a metaphor.

Opening day

By Jacob Nestler

alarm goes off at 3:00 A.M.

I get up and put on my game face

pack up my gear and make some coffee

when ever this time of year comes around

Im Like a kid on christmas mornin

i get the dog and pack up the truck

through in my gear and off to the marsh

The marsh is like heaven in the morning

the pretty sun rise and the ducks flying over head

oh how i love this time of year

Ducks flying every where guns going off.

shooting limits all mornin long

you can get any better than that.

mallards coming in like a cloud of rain

ducks droppin left n right

oh how i love this time of year.


Created with images by pixel2013 - "drake duck duck bird" • Wildlife Boy1 - "Singing Robin" • Greyerbaby - "girl dreaming pretty" • Jon Cornwell Photography - "Silhouette" • USFWS Mountain Prairie - "Peaceful Place to Rest"

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