What Makes A Good Leader Assignment from The Prince

A good leader must be firm with his rulings, always focusing on what is just and right, yet he must do this in such a way as that he does not become ruthless.

Machiavelli believed that a good leader must do what is unjust when it would be beneficial for the Princedom.
He stated in Chapter 17 that it is better for a price to be feared than loved, because men will stay loyal to that which they fear, but they will turn their backs on those they love.
On the other hand, Moses, one of the greatest leader in the Bible, led the Israelite's with love, not fear.
When the Israelite's disobeyed God and forged a golden calf, Moses was just in his response, yet he did not make himself feared. He made himself loved and respected.

When discovering how a good leader should act, one must remember that it is different to be respected than to be feared.

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