March 2021 Monthly Issue - Wellness Newsletter

Spring Break Restoration

How do we maximize spring break in a way that recharges us and sees us through until June?


Rest is more than sleeping, although a great sleep improves all aspects of life.

Resetting the mind
  • Create a plan and a vision for life until June and after.
  • What plans are you making for summer?
  • What is your mental picture of how to stay well until June?
  • Can you add new people to your circle - even virtually?
  • Can you begin to focus on a summer plan?
Resetting the senses
  • Are you able to get outside?
  • Look around our parks, beaches and mountains and really see, hear and smell them!
  • Turn to the sun and feel warm again.
  • Turn on new music and listen fully.
Restore your heart
  • Take stock of who has your ear and decide if they are helping or hindering your heart.
  • Be selective as to who has your attention.
  • Look at your social media feed and prune any sources of stress.

Thinking about talking to your child about gaming, vaping and/or social media?

Here are some tips when having a challenging conversation:

  • Start with asking questions that will inform you about what they like and value.
  • Use "I" statements and few "you" statements.
  • End with a plan moving forward.
  • Apologize when you make a mistake.
Discovery Youth & Family Substance Use Services is available to coach parents with or without their child participating.
Call 250 740-2672


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