Alex Dollins: Genius Hour

How dogs will react to treats vs affection. I will see which is more productive This is important to me because dogs have been and still are a big part of my life, i love learning about them & how we can help them. They are so incredibly smart & just so much fun to be around. My first word was puppy, so they have really impacted my life. My goals for this project is to find out what dogs like better, treats or affection. I will try one trick on my dog, & reward her with affection, then teach her another but treat her with treats and see which is more effective.

I have learned that yes dogs love treats because they taste good, but also being loved is also very exciting. To be rubbed on gets them fired up and wanting to do more. Treats also give them a yummy taste in their mouth they will want and want. I've learned that I am enjoying this project just as much as my dog, it is fun to watch and treat her with treats and love. My sources are google to look up dog tricks, but then my dog is the main source, because she is the one who is the test dummy. I still teach my dog new tricks, and still see which is doing better.

I have learned that dogs love both treats and affection. It is very hard for them to choose which they like more. Both bring them joy and excitement. It is just like a little boy having to choose if he wants chocolate or a new toy. They want both but they have to choose one. I have learned that it was more difficult than I thought it would be to teach my dog these new tricks & its teaching me to be very observant and watchful, because i am having to watch which she likes more. All i used was the internet and of course my dog. I just keep doing the same thing i have been doing, keep trying to teach her these tricks and trying to figure which she likes more.

I have learned that it all depends on how the owners have raised their dog. Like our dog has been raised love and petting after she does something good. Other people treat their dogs with actually using treats, not affection. I have learned that i lean more towards affection and love than I am with treats, love is exciting, but treats are just unhealthy. Plus showing them love will make them show love back and all is well. I used my neighbors dogs to see if it was true that my dog likes love more because it is what we always did when she did something good. From here I just video more and show how and what she is doing.

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