Otzi The Iceman Lia Boese

Otzi the iceman is a around a 5,300 year old frozen human mummy and one of the best preserved mummies. He lived in the Copper Age Era and died when he was around 46 years old. Tourist found him between the Austrian and Italian borders half in ice. September 19, 1991 was the day that the tourist came across Otzi.

Otzi In Ice

I think that Otzi bled to death after a one on one combat fight. The opponent must of shot a arrow into Otzi's back and Otzi must of tried pulling it out after. Although it broke and the arrowhead staying inside of him. Scientist found a arrowhead inside of him and a wound in his back left shoulder. They saw that the arrow damaged blood vessels, nerves, and shattered his shoulder blade. After the arrowhead damaged him it stayed near one of his lungs. Scientist think that the opponent was one of his own people because the arrowhead was just like his from the same area that he was from.

Otzi With Scientist

This is the theory I agree with because it makes the most sense to me and seems the most possible. Also it took me a long time to figure out what theory I connected with in my mind and I choose was how he bled to death after a one on one combat fight. I have also read from other sites and seen the same theories from different people and that helped me choose this theory.


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