Programming my vex Beau williams

Challenge 1 moving forward


1 we first tried to use programs for our sensors to see the lines and then stop and use the claw but as it turns out we just had to do rotations and forwards

2 we needed to adjust our rotations alot to get the distance correct then we can do the stops and claw lift

3 we got the stops and claw lifts in today

Challenge 2 turning

1 we looked at some of the other peoples programs and tried to use those but that didn't exactly work out too well for us so we had to completely wing iT from the bump


1 touch sensor

The touch sensor challenge was really difficult at first but we couldn't get the thing to touch the sensor to start out program so we had to make some minor adjustments to the thing

2 distance sensor

We had so many problems with our sensor not working sometimes at all and then coach helped us and we got it to work then we needed to fix our commands to get the command to work properly

3 gyro sensor

This was really confusing because we didn't even have the slightest clue on what to do like at all

4 color sensor

This one was super easy and took us like 5 mins to program and complete

Videos go here

Program flow


This challenge was pretty easy aside from a few hiccups but for the most part it got done bit quik

If else

This program took us like a freaking week to do because we couldn't gert our things to work

Repeated decisions


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