Thinglink Annotate images and videos

Transform any image into an interactive graphic

Our students are accustomed to "tagging" one another.

Facebook uses "tagging" to help you identify one another. Thinglink uses tagging to help students identity content.

How can I use this in my classroom?

All about me: Ask students to create a photo collage of themselves with interactive pictures.

Learn more about our world with interactive maps.

Stay in touch with parents by providing them a tour of your classroom.

Reinvent the book report! Ask students to illustrate a scene from a book and hide content within it.

Use Thinglink for professional development and to share new content with fellow staff members

Assessment: Leave encouraging and constructive comments on students wok.

Lesson plans using Thinglink and other Digital Tools

Find more lessons at

Make your Professional Development memorable

Above is an product I created using Thinglink.


Created with images by - " generation" • Neal. - "HAVE A NICE DAY" • canada-mongolia - "map_of_mongolia_admin" • dagon_ - "girl father portrait" • PublicDomainPictures - "disgust disgusted expression" • jerrykimbrell10 - "smiling teacher female" • ecastro - "Ready. Set. TEST!"

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