Cholera Jack mcculley

- 100 million bacteria to harm healthy adult

- transmitted through oral fecal consumption

- found in starfish and plankton

- 3 to 5 million affected worldwide

- 58,000 to 130,000 death per year

- classified currently as a pandemic

- mainly affects developing countries

- symptoms are profuse diarrhea and vomiting of clear liquid

- untreated people will produce 10 to 20 liters

- without treatment half of victims die

- show different signs of fatigue and skin has a blue shade

- electrolyte loss alters consciousness, seizures, coma

- treated with fluids through oral rehydration therapy

- 10% of body weight in fluids in first two hours

- foods high in potassium for electrolytes

- antibiotics are used to shorten symptoms by three days or so to reduce severity

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