India Indian CTs

India, a densely populated country. Surrounded by the country's of Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Burma and China. The population is a woping 1,355,499,232. It is ranked the 2nd most populated country in the world. Falling closely behind China. The lowest city population is filled with 480 thousand people. abut with the most populated city containing 18 million people! The city is called Mumbai. But with the child population is crazy, is outstanding... And let's talk about those darndist of schools. Well these schools are mildly bad. They are near the slums and are in poor condition. Except for the ones near the more expensive residents. (If they have any). I would say most people have the broken down schools. And the education you need is first the edumacation in the English language. You can't speak Indian to a normal american person. They won't under stand. Then you would need the edumactiion in tech. My company name is... "Twice the bacon slapped the bacon hammock while singing feta cheese shake on high swimming three times sideways to switzerland you redneck Call Center". Well this company "TTBSTBHWSFCSOHSTTSTSYRCC". Works on people who can't make their T.V work. Awe help them turn it on. Training is a intense three day course of how to turn on a T.V, and how to break one. Their money depends on how mania calls they get, every call is 42.0 dollars.

Where the Indians go to work.
The schools these school boys go to
Approxmetally how much they get every call
Their Call Center
The school they have to go to

The comparative advantage is that we use them for our services, if we went in contact with them we'd be dead. We would have to buy more T.Vs and phones and things like that. (If i answered this question wrong... oooops.)


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