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Outcome 1:

Inner Critic:

  • Before going into my recent nutrition exam, I found myself telling myself "You will not do well on this exam." and "When you start taking it you will blank out so what is the point of studying." This led me to be very anxious and not confident heading into the exam. I had already told myself I was going to fail.
  • To change this language and channel my inner guide I can tell myself, "You are going to do well on this exam because you studied." I could also say something like "Just take your time and read through everything carefully and you will do well." These adjustments could lead to me being more confident and relaxed heading into the exam which is really all you need if you know the material.

Inner Defender:

  • Often times when I find myself not doing so well I will come up with an excuse to blame someone else for my failures. My most used excuse is, "These professors are too smart for their own good, they do not know how to teach the material to someone who does not have a degree in this field." This sort of makes me feel better about not doing well because I am making it seem like it is the instructor's fault that I am not doing well.
  • Instead of trying to blame others, I can use my inner guide to channel ways to correct my failures. When I do not do so well on an exam I can say, "Now that I know what I missed, I can go into office hours and get help with that material so I will not miss it again if it resurfaces."

Inner Guide:

  • The inner guide actually helped me recently on my previous Biology exam. I felt really confident about it, like I should have made an A. Turns out I made a B which in no means is bad or anything but it was very disappointing for me when I felt for sure I had an A. My professor posted on the answer key online and I went over it to find my mistakes and correct them. This was the first time in a long time I went over an exam answer by answer to help understand instead of being mad and blaming others for my errors I made.
  • This first of all makes me hold myself accountable for my actions, and it really helps me to learn and go from my mistakes instead of feeling pity for myself and blaming other people.

Outcome 2:


From this outcome, I learned that things are much easier to accomplish if you set yourself a written plan out. Especially for someone like me who ends up forgetting a lot of things, having these out and visible almost like a checklist really makes things easier to keep up with and to accomplish. It is also really interesting to see where my daily activities line up in Covey's Quadrant. After evaluating that, I see that I spend way too much time in the first quadrant. This is because I still waited until really late to do most of the things I needed to do. I feel like when I do this again, I will set myself up to do assignments days before they are actually due. This can work me out of the first quadrant and into the second quadrant where I need to be.

Outcome 3:

The three techniques being tested are flash cards, mnemonic devices and self examination. I used these techniques to prepare for my first biology exam. I will go over flash cards for an hour every other day starting 2 weeks prior to the exam. I will begin to memorize the mnemonic device up to a week before and I will start reviewing the practice test that was made available by the instructor three days before.


On this exam following the use of these study methods, I made a B. I feel like these techniques worked very well for me and they made me feel very confident heading into the exam. The exam was very trivial with the concepts it was using so the flash cards helped greatly to remember the definitions that went along with each vocabulary word. We had to also learn the classification system of livings things in the correct order which I found a great mnemonic device for. The classifications are as follows: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. The mnemonic device I found for this was King Philip Came Over For Good Soup. I remembered this perfectly on the exam and the few questions that were asked about the topic I got correct. I felt very confident in the use of this device. And as for the practice tests that was given, it made me feel very comfortable with the format and the types of questions that were going to be asked. Overall the combination of these techniques really boosted my confidence heading into this exam. My grade was one of the best grades I have made on an exam in a good while so that made me feel really good. I believe that all three helped greatly but the two that helped the most was the practice test and the mnemonic device. The flash cards helped a lot but not as much as the others, it was still useful though. I believe I will be looking for mnemonic devices to things more often because that really stuck with me and I have not been as confident in a subject in a long time as I was with the material I used this for.

Outcome 4:

Study And Test Taking plan:

For my next exam in this class I am going to start studying for the exam a week in advance of the exam date. I will improve my study habits by reviewing little pieces shortly after every class to help decrease the forgetting curve. I will also take the practice exam earlier so I can better analyze and understand things that I miss. Referring back to homework problems could also be very helpful for me to grasp basic concepts.


Through this objective I have really been able to see and understand the processes I should go through as far as studying and preparing for exams. Going into office hours to discuss what problems I missed really helped me understand what I missed and it also opened my eyes to some things I could be doing better to prepare. The things that I pointed out that I was going to do for the next exam really helped me feel more confident on the next exam. Especially the forgetting curve technique. Reviewing little pieces at a time after class really helped me to retain what I learned instead of me forgetting it as soon as I left class.

Outcome 5:


I chose this particular instructor for several reasons, she really expresses herself and the information she presents in such an inviting and easy to understand way. She really has a good connection with her students it seems like so I wanted to interview her to get to know her more as a person and as a professor. I really liked how she brought up her biology professor that she had that really got her into biology, I have always believed that a good teacher can really challenge you and increase your passion for a certain subject. I also found it very interesting that she did not want to be in the position she is in now until she was a sophomore in college. I was also interested to hear about all the different majors she went through until she found the one that was right for her. From this conversation I learned that most anything can be done in college with just some hard work and good time management. I also learned that usually college is not always going to go as planned and that it is okay when that happens. I believe my favorite answer from her was about time management and how not only should we be making time for our work in school of course but we should also be taking time for all the experiences that come with college. After this discussion I really appreciate her more as an instructor and I feel more comfortable to come to her if I ever needed anything. Professors are real people too and they are there to help us because more than likely they have been through the same thing or something similar.

Outcome 6:

Reflection: In the activity performed in class, we were asked to rank different beliefs and values in the amount in which we regarded them. Narrowing the top 10 down to a top 5 was tough because I valued these concepts a lot. What helped me decide was kind of the same question, "How would you be if this vanished from your life?" So with this my top 2 became religion and family. I value these two the absolute most, they mean everything to me. But when it came time to narrow it down to one I had to go with religion. I chose this based off of the thinking that if I had religion and was happy where I was in my religion then everything else would fall into place accordingly. Religion is the foundation for my entire life, without which I would not have the same appreciation for all the other things in my list. The hardest one to discard was without a doubt family. Here on Earth, they mean the entire world to me. So to actually rank something ahead of them in value was tough.

Goals: Long term

  • Graduate from Clemson in good standing- this relates to one of my values of money because if I do not graduate I can not get the good job I want. It also relates to family because I know my family would be very proud of me for graduating from Clemson.
  • Go to medical school and receive my PhD- Family and religion will be my support system to achieve this and the hard work I put in this will hopefully result in substantial money to support my family.

Goals: Short term

  • Attend Church more often- Relates to increasing my standing with religion and also with my family because it is good for families to attend church together, I believe.
  • Attend more family functions when possible- Obviously relates to family, I want to be there for any even I can so I can see more of my family on a regular basis.

Self Designed Experiment 1

This first exhibit was based off of how asking questions in office hours affects the outcome of my exam grades. Before this experiment I had never gone into office hours to really seek help for questions I do not understand. I would be okay with not knowing some stuff as long as I knew the majority. This led to me receiving just just average grades for the most part such as C's and B's. I could barely ever crack that threshold of getting an A. I decided to go into my biology professor because biology is a very terminology based course which can easily be confused. For the exams prior to me going in to office hours for help I received an 80 and an 84. For the third exam we were discussing different parts of the human body systems which consisted of a lot of material. I went in to her office hours to receive some tips and to clear up a few things I was confused on. During this exam I felt very confident walking in and the exam was almost a piece of cake for me. There were questions about the things I questioned and thankfully I got help because I got them right. I made a 95 on this exam, which my professor called "the most difficult exam of the course".

Self Designed Experiment 2

After hearing people talk about their different study environments in this class, I began to analyze my own. Up until about the middle of this semester I always studied at my house in my bed. This method was okay for exams on things I was comfortable with but when I began to get challenged by material it fell through. For this exhibit I decided to focus on my Sociology class because it required a lot of reading and understanding of many concepts. I decided to change my study environment to the library to see how it affected my exams scores. On the first exam for this class I studied in my room and found myself to be distracted and very tired laying in my bed. On this exam I scored a 76 which is much lower than what I should be doing. After this I decided I would begin to study in the library and see how it affected my exam score. I started going into the library and going to the quit zone so I can read and take notes so that I remember the main points when studying. Compared to being in my bed in my room, I found myself to be more focused in the library and not as tired. I feel like being in a school environment like the library really helped me take studying serious. I made an 86 on the second exam which was a whole 10 points higher.

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