Coral Reef julia reed

basic facts

Coral reefs are cities of marine life.Coral is home to many fish .There are three major types of coral reefs. they are Barrier, Fringing , and atolls. Coral reefs are ancient animals. Corals are unique complex systems. Reefs are made of many different species of coral. Corals are tiny marine animals that stay in one place there entire life . Species of coral grow in colonies that get bigger and bigger each year.


five hundred- six hundred species live in coral reefs. The different species in a reef depends on what type of reef it is. Coral reefs have more diversity plant life. one-third of all marine fish live half there life on coral reefs. About two million species live in coral reefs . larger sharks and fish live in reefs too.


Coral reefs may not be able to survive what human kind in doing . 75% of remaining coral on Earth is threatened. Humans are a big threat to coral reefs. Some reefs have been entirely destroyed. Human kind has caused a rapid decline in the coral reefs heath. Coral reefs are very important too people , they provide food, protection of shore line storms , jobs based on tourism , and medicines . When a reef is white it means there is a polution problem .

this is what polution looks like :(

location of reefs

Coral reefs are in shallow and deep water all over the world. Coral reefs can be places you would not expect them to be. 80% of the worlds shallow reefs are over fished. Large reefs are found in warm portions of the Pacific and Indian oceans . Many people live sixty kilometers of a reef. Reefs are the largest structures on earth of biological origin. Coral reef have different structure than the open ocean .

Coral form

Corals produce a a hard skeleton made of lime stone. When coral dies the skeleton still remains . Reef structures are formed when stony coral polyp secretes a skeleton. Coral is two basic structure features.


Sea grasses and mangroves are the only true plant. They cause rapid growth of the reef and high production rates. Sea grass meadows are important to coral reef habitats.Reefs are usually colorful because the alge.


Corals are in shallow water. Corals need to be in shallow water because of the algae on it. Most coral contain zooxanthellae. Shallow coral that are usually in warm water usually eat zooxanthellae .

what are they made of

Coral atolls are made out of volcanic remains . Coral is also made of pulps , that looks like rocks. Coral has tentacoles with small stinging cells.

random facts

The first ever reef that was formed was about 500 million years ago. Some coral are reef builders. A group of coral is called a colony. Coral feeds at night. Some of the reefs are losing species. Coral reefs can protect coastlines from storms.

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